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REX is primarily an early-stage interactive application and rendering engine for Windows.


It's a work in progress, so make sure to check this page for new updates on the project.



These are the external libraries used to make REX happen. at this moment in time I made REX build upon Win32 and OpenGL.



As the name already suggests, the core libraries of REX contain the core features of the engine. This ranges from the event system up until the logger to print out any debug statements.



Platform libraries help implement API specific features like how to communicate with the GPU using OpenGL or how to draw a Window using the Win32 API.



The application libraries are made to help any developer contribute towards REX. They implement a platform-agnostic API, meaning you do not have to know what platform you are on to implement certain features within REX.



At this moment in time, we have a Sandbox application that implements certain features implemented in REX. For example, the triangle at the top of this page.

Building REX

You find all source code here

To get started,

I'd recommend Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.

REX is currently untested on other development environments whilst I focus on a Windows build.

Start by cloning the repository

git clone

Run the appropriate batch script:

run_all           build a directx and opengl project 

run_directx   build a directx project                       

run_opengl   build an opengl project

note:  directx not supported yet

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